Projects in Edmonston

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The Port Towns
The Towns of Bladensburg, Colmar Manor, Cottage City, and Edmonston, MD
The Edmonston Green Street project will transform Decatur Street, our main residential street, into a fully environmentally responsible street. It will utilize the best sustainability practices from across the country - from the tree canopy overhead to the storm water system underground. It will be first street of its kind in Maryland, and perhaps the on the east coast. From more information go click––> Green Street
Edmonston going Green!
Urban Farm!
A urban farm is now in Edmonston at 4913 Crittenden St.  An urban farm allows people to experience farming hands-on and learn exactly how their locally grown produce is made. The area, a small patch of land behind the park's tennis courts, has been transformed into an urban farm whose farmers plan to sell and supply the less-than-an-acre of land's output to markets, stores and restaurants The farm is run by Eco City Farms (ECO), a group founded in order to help Prince George's County residents learn the benefits of sustainable living. Click Farm for more information.
Projects in Edmonston