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The Port Towns
The Towns of Bladensburg, Colmar Manor, Cottage City, and Edmonston, MD
Purpose of the Mural Program
Volunteers Quotes
Engage youth in Community activities.

Educate youth about the history of the Port Towns, ATHA, and the Anacostia River.

Allow youth the educational experience in the arts.

Provide pleasing artwork in the community that can be viewed by 50,000 Commuters and visitors Daily.
“I liked the [Mural] program a lot because there were a lot of hands on activities involved.  I enjoyed how painting the murals seemed so easy, and the instructors were very nice.”
                           -Hilary Bright

“I can’t express how much I enjoyed working at the bridge in Edmonston... I really learned a lot.... I learned that patience is needed in order to achieve and create perfection.”
                                 -Jeffery Garcia
You could be apart of this great experience!  Come join your peers as well as a professional artist in making art and history. Be apart of change! For more information please contact the Port Towns Community Development Corporation.  Drop by at 4217 Edmonston Rd Bladensburg, MD, or give us a call at 301.864.1093. Or you can sign up here.
Freedom History Mural
Music History Mural
In the United States, communities are finding that the arts play a crucial and valuable role in their community economic development efforts.  These art-based approaches are widely accepted because the amenities and aesthetics of a community are increased to enhance its overall image and consequently, attract additional growth and development. The Port Towns Community Development Corporation is likewise using art to improve our community, and also getting youth involved and educated about the history of where they live.
Port Towns History Mural
Diversity without Divide Mural
Port Towns Youth Mural Program