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The Port Towns
The Towns of Bladensburg, Colmar Manor, Cottage City, and Edmonston, MD
Strategic Partnerships is our Mission

The Port Towns is a partnership!  Collaboration is our methodology. We focus on working together to create economic prosperity to anyone interested in participating. We advocate for public social economic justice, and incentives private investment.  We are a low to moderate income community, and we utilize our assets to encourage internal social-economic growth and external interest.  Along with the four towns we have great relationships with local businesses and Programs.

Images of ECO, Inc. Farm in Edmonston, MD

Nonprofit Port Towns Partners
Urban Edge Partners

Town of Bladensburg

Anacostia Trails Heritage Area, Inc.

Anacostia Watershed Society



End Times Harvest Ministries

Port Towns Community Development Corp.

Town of Edmonston


Town of Colmar Manor


Community Forklift

Eco City Farm

DW Communcations

Town of Cottage City


Community Visions Initiatives
Institute for Local Self Reliance

Neighborhood Design Center

Port Towns Community Health Partnership

Sustainable Communities Initiatives
Waste to Wealth Initiatives
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