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The Port Towns
The Towns of Bladensburg, Colmar Manor, Cottage City, and Edmonston, MD
A Holistic Approach to Community Development

Here in the Port Towns, we help our youth stay as motivated and involved as possible. We keep our businesses running and looking good.  We establish ideas to keep our area up to date.  We have many programs to choose from; to keep residence, youth, and businesses aware and involved in the process for what is going on in the Port Towns.  We have a Mural Program to teach our youth the history about the ground they walk on.  We have a Economic Development Program that provides local businesses with training and support.  We’ve even started a real estate program to help revitalize/ “upgrade” the area.  Each Program has been created to unify the area and get everyone involved.  Be a part of history.  Click here!

Owner of Mango Caffe talking with staff of PTCDC

Concept of the Riverview on the banks of the Anacostia on Colmar Manor
Youth working on the Mural